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Getting Raw Input


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I've been trying to get the rawinput api's to work for awhile now and I'm still pretty stumped. I started off trying to do it in vb but failed so I moved right on to try in autoit.

What I'm trying to do is get raw input from a usb device (a PS2 Dvd Remote) and then act on it. The problem is getting the input. I can find the device and read it's info(just the basic string that's stored in the registry or whatever) and it tells me that it found the correct device. I don't know how to get the input though. I know this is kinda advanced but I wouldn't post it here if it wasn't.


Const $RIDI_DEVICENAME = 0x20000007
Const $RID_INPUT = 0x10000003
Const $RID_HEADER = 0x10000005
;MsgBox(0,"Call Return:",$temp)
$devnum = DllStructGetData($numdevices,1)
MsgBox(0,"Number of Devices:",$devnum)
;Dim $rid[4]
$temp = ""
For $i = 1 to ($devnum-1)
    $temp=$temp & "dword;dword;"
$temp = $temp & "dword;dword"
$dwsize = $numdevices * DllStructGetSize($ridl)
;MsgBox(0,"Call Return:",$temp)
For $i = 0 to ($devnum-1)
    MsgBox(0,"Device: " & $i, "Handle: " & DllStructGetData($rid,($i*2)+1) & " Type: " & DllStructGetData($rid,($i*2)+2) & " Name: " & DllStructGetData($devname,1))
    If StringInStr(DllStructGetData($devname,1),"Vid_0925") <> 0 Then;works up to here
        MsgBox(0,"Score!","Playstation 2 Dvd Remote Found!")
        $remotehwnd = DllStructGetData($rid,($i*2)+1)
        $i = 99
;here's the call that i can't get working
$temp = DllCall("user32.dll","int","GetRawInputData", _
    "long",$remotehwnd,"int",$RID_HEADER, _
    "ptr",0,"long",$size, _
    "long",DllStructGetSize($RawInputHeader) )
$ourError = DLLCall("kernel32.dll","int","GetLastError")
MsgBox(0,"Call Return:",$temp)
For $i = 1 to 7
MsgBox(0,"Data Lister:",DllStructGetData($RawInput,$i))
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You may wish to check out some usb sniffers with available source, such as snoopy (a sourceforge project) -- this would let you see the syntax being used in those development languages, perhaps easing a port to au3 or (gasp) vb. I like the following link as a jumping off point for things USB. http://www.lvr.com/usb.htm

Reading the help file before you post... Not only will it make you look smarter, it will make you smarter.

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