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TMPEGEnc DVDAuthor Automization

Guest Darksoul71

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Guest Darksoul71

Hi all,

attached you´ll find the latest version of my TMPEGEnc DVD Authoring. I did this script mainly because I got tired of repeating always the same steps when mastering my DVD´s.

The script is able to "learn" the title position within a menu and selects templates based on the learned title.

You have to enter "0" when you get asked for the menu template.

From time to time the script fails to detect the "ISO Image done" windows. I dunno why but it´s not that anoying.

The script itself doesn´t select a image sequence for you. So my suggestion would be you do the same as I did:

Generate a few own menu templates without animated movie sequences. If you can´t live with this you are still able to do your menu generation manual and let then the script continue.

As always the script is released without warranties.

It works for me but I don´t have a clue if it works for you :o




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Guest Darksoul71

Hi all,

although I didn´t receive any feedback and although the usage of my DVD Authoring Script is quite limited,

I´m going to post the latest version of my script. It has undergone some major changes and I tried everything possible to make it as stable as possible. Unfortunately TMPEG DVD Author mostly uses non standard controls which often requires using GetPixelColor and relative mouse clicks rather than ControlClick. I´m using the script right now for over three month and it makes mastering of multiple episodes to a DVD a piece of cake.

If you think mastering episodes is easy then try mastering 24 to four DVDs :geek:

Unfortunately some of the code is reliant on my "Krauts" windows -> I´m waiting for fileopen dialogues called "Öffnen" rather than the standard "Open" for english Windows. This can be easily modified.

What I´ve also change compared to my last version:

I´m now using mkisofs for ISO generation instead of TMPEG DVD Author itself. Somehow the integrated DVD writing tool started fine but the script never detected the end of the ISO generation process. My "WinWait" code was working fine when I launched manually while TMPEG DVD Author told me "ISO Generation finished" but when the code was launched as part of the TMPEG DVD Author script it failed.

After spending some time of playing around I just got rid of this section and added mkisofs support.

Everything worked fine from now on.

Oh yeah, a few things I should add:

1) This script was developed and tested with TMPEG DVDAuthor V

I don´t have a clue if it works for other versions :o

2) The script doesn´t take oversized DVD´s in account. So make shure that your selected files

are smaller than 4.3 GB. Otherwise the automated generation of the DVD / ISO will fail. Feel free

to enhance this.

3) I wrote a simple cleanstring function wich "translates" the german umlaute such as ÖÄÜß into equivalent character. This function is used for generating a valid DVD title. If you use other country specific characters (such as è for french) you need to adjust this.

4) The script is not developed to be "batchable" but I guess it would be easy to write another script which enables you to master multiple DVDs in a row. May be with automated shrinking of oversized DVDs via Rejig ?

Have fun,


P.S.: It seems really strange to me that nearly no one posts audio / video related scripts here. There are so many possibilities for using AutoIt here, that I can barely imagine what not to do. The same goes for AutoHotKey which was also used for several AV related scripts.


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