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Guest mcdunkey

How Can I Use A Variable With Mousemove()

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Guest mcdunkey

i have

$A = ("100, 100, 0")


but its not working, what do i need to do to this

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Mouse move takes three parameters, so you need to supply three variables.

$a = 100

$b = 100

$c = 0

MouseMove($a, $b, $c)

Otherwise, you need to create a user-defined function that parses the string "100, 100, 0")

$A = "100, 100, 0"
Func _myMouseMove($arg)
   $tmp = StringSplit($arg, ",")
   If UBound($tmp) = 4 Then MouseMove($tmp[1], $tmp[2], $tmp[3])

I hope that makes sense.

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$a is only one variable, even though it contains all the info you want. Extract it with a function if you like.

$A ="100, 100, 0"

func mmove($a)
if Ubound($array)=4 then mousemove($array[1],$array[2],$array[3])
if Ubound($array)=3 then mousemove($array[1],$array[2])

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