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First I know that this is "off" topic".... But please hear this one out.

I read through the thread that I began Feb. 10, 2006 (Titled " Variable Problem :o ") and I owe you a huge, extra-large, super-sized, "would you like fries with that" apology. I misunderstood one of your replies, coupled with my elevated frustration level I lashed out at you in an unforgiving manner. I AM VERY SORRY! Yet somehow you still found it in your heart to give the needed advise and guidance to solve "MY" problem. "SmOke_N" is absolutely correct when he said:

And to think, that someone would even think you weren't there to 'help' guide in the right direction, even through flamming you still give the answer he needed. I've said it before and I'll say it again... you're a better man than I ... words I would never say in front of my kids would have been said for sure.

Again, I Aoplogize! I hope that you can forgive an old, and sometimes stupid individual such as myself.



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