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since doing anything with almost anything connected to your computer is fairly hard with auto it (joystick,scanner, etc...) i'm looking for help with a webcam. (hoping that this isn't impossible)

i've never used dll's before... so putting my bare code on here would just be a waste of bandwith....

i've found two dll's for webcams (attached at the bottom)

1. http://forums.gamemaker.nl/index.php?showtopic=104784


2. http://members.tripod.com/blitzpanno/newdll.zip


these came with almost no documentation... but i trust i can get help around here...

or can i get some help with this?


Any help/ideas will be appriciated

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Aren't those DLLs just wrappers for AVICAP.DLL (16bit) or AVICAP32.DLL (32bit) Video for Windows?

Maybe you can just call them direct from within your AutoIT code using DLL calls.

http://www.windowsformsdatagridhelp.com/db...36-e5cf2ebb86b6 has a VB example which may be used to glean some ideas. See also http://www.codearchive.com/rate.php?rid=1752&go=1012 and http://babek.info/libertybasicfiles/lbnews/nl127/vidcap.htm

If you're just looking to get regular snaps from your webcam, try the Webcam Timershot that is bundled with Microsoft PowerToys for XP - it has done all the hard work for you. Download from here.

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