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Basic compilation philosophy

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Is there any documenation that describes what the differences between Beta Compile, Compile, and Build are?

I've tried all three, and am confused with the results.

Sometimes I get no errors during build or compile, but get runtime errors for syntax problems, missing commas, etc.

Other times I get compile errors during one type of compile, but not the other two.

Similarly, when i use Syntax Check Beta, I get errors for _Now and _Singleton, which are Beta features, but none of the other compilations catch this, and I don't get runtime errors with these functions.

Somewhere this crazy process has to be explained.

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basically you can compile everything beta

if you get an error beta-compiling you should check your sciteversion - older version don't know some functions

if you got syntax-problems you should check your script before compiling :o

that's all - have fun

Scite isn't flagging the errors, it's happening during the compile.

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