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thanks Chipbug.

I was trying to use MPACK, but i cant foud the correct syntax.

I am trying to send an CSV file attached.

Can you help me with the syntax?


Here is an example. Let's say you have a CSV file called "test.csv" and you have another text file called "msgbody.txt" that represents the body text of your email.

mpack -s "Test Message" -d msgbody.txt -c application/csv -o encoded.txt test.csv

This would create an encoded file call "encoded.txt" that combined your body text with the attachment (MIME type application/csv) with the subjust line "Test Message".

Then you could use BMAIL to send the encoded message:

bmail -s mail_server -t to_address@nothing.com -h -f from_address@nothing.com -m encoded.txt

Please note that MPACK and BMAIL seem to have problem with long file name. So make sure you sue 8.3 file name for all files passed to these programs.

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