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Hiding only those Open Windows shown on taskbar


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How can I hide windows that are currently open and showing (basically those that show on the taskbar, and not including those in the background run by the system? Of course the other windows will already be hidden, but then I want to also be able to unhide just those. Here is the code that I currently have, but it hides and also unhides every single window, regardless wether it is shown on the taskbar as active/enabled or already hidden. Basically i want to know how to be able the titles of those windows that are open and show on the taskbar.

E.g. If i have a folder named Scripts, it will show on the taskbar. I want to be able to simply hide that folder and also unhide it later.

If someone can please help me with that, I would much appreciate it and would then be able to figure the rest out.

Code to Hide windows

Dim $winlistxi

Dim $winlistx = WinList()

For $winlistxi = 1 to $winlistx[0][0]

WinSetState($winlistx[$winlistxi][0], "", @SW_HIDE)


Code to Unhide windows

Dim $winlist = WinList()

Dim $winlisti

For $winlisti = 1 to $winlisti[0][0]

WinSetState($winlist[$winlisti][0], "", @SW_SHOW)


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Just so u know the unhide code will unhide every single

True, and this is the actual problem I'm having. I need it to only unhide those windows that were originally shown on the taskbar. How can I check if a window is shown on the taskbar or not?

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just a thought... i donno if this'll work but you could use WinMinimizeAll() and then use WinGetState to hide all minimized windows? so like

i dont know if this'll work

$list = WinList()
for $i = 0 to $list[0][0]
$state = WinGetState($list[$][0])
if bitand($state, 16) then
;do hiding stuff here and whatnot

--again, not sure if it'll work but you can try it


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Just deleted old post, this does in fact work on my system.

Dim $WinArray = ''
HotKeySet('{PGDN}', 'HideTaskBarWindows')
HotKeySet('{PGUP}', 'UnHideTaskBarWindows')

While 1

Func HideTaskBarWindows()
    $WinArray = ''
    Local $winlistx = WinList()
    For $winlistxi = 1 to $winlistx[0][0]
        If ControlCommand($winlistx[$winlistxi][0], '', '', 'IsVisible', '') And Not StringInStr($winlistx[$winlistxi][0], 'Program Manager') Then $WinArray = $WinArray & $winlistx[$winlistxi][0] & Chr(01)
    $WinArray = StringSplit(StringTrimRight($WinArray, 1), Chr(01))
    For $i = 1 To UBound($WinArray) - 1
        ControlHide($WinArray[$i], '', '')

Func UnHideTaskBarWindows()
    For $i = 1 To UBound($WinArray) - 1
        ControlShow($WinArray[$i], '', '')

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Welcome to the AutoIt Forums. :)

If your just trying to hide one window then you need not concern your self with the above script. It is quite simple just get a handle to the window using WinGetHandle() and then use WinSetState() to hide the window.

$hWin = WinGetHandle("The window's title", "")
WinSetState($hWin, "", @SW_HIDE)

Also I think its better to start new topics rather then to revisit old ones just be sure to take your time when searching before posting.




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