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In General Information about Data Coming In

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Hlo Ppl

Well I have recieved alot of help here so far so going to the well again.

This is a in general question nothing about Autoit which is one of the programs that has given me the programing bug I had during the 80's. But as the world has changed so much since then I need to pick as

many brains as I can.

From a Developers Stand Point.

Online casinos provide their own client application as a front end for their games with data sent from a server. How is this data sent to my system and is there a common program that Xp uses to interpret this data and export my commands sent back.

Now the project Im working on is to display the cards being shot to my system and building a spreadsheet to calculate odds based on this data.

Ok its early all this might not even make since maybe you shouldnt post when having your first cup of coffee of the morning.


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From a developers stand point, any interaction involving money should be encrypted both ways to prevent tampering, fraud, and monitoring. You could screen scrape the results being displayed, supposing the usual Windows calls were being made. Try the Au3Info tool to see if they are exposed.

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