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How do I....transparent label over picture control

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I've create a GUI dialog with a picture control (think splash screen but I want to put a text indicator on it)

I want to put a transparent label control on it so the pic shows thru, this way, while my script is loading up, I can display status text in the label.


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Something like this perhaps. Use > Beta

#include <GUIConstants.au3>

; Find a picture to use as Gui background.
Global $picture
If FileChangeDir(@WindowsDir & '\Web\Wallpaper') Then
    $handle = FileFindFirstFile('*.jpg')
    If $handle <> -1 Then
        $picture = FileFindNextFile($handle)

; Setup the Gui
$title = 'Transparent Label Test with AutoIt ' & FileGetVersion(@AutoItExe)
$handle = GUICreate($title, 320, 240, Default, Default, $WS_POPUP)
If FileExists($picture) Then
    GUICtrlCreatePic($picture, 0, 0, 320, 240)
    GUICtrlSetState(Default, $GUI_DISABLE)
    MsgBox(0, '', 'A picture was not found to test with in ' & @WorkingDir)
If GUICtrlCreateLabel('Testing:  ' & $title, 10, 50, 300, 50) Then
    GUICtrlSetColor(Default, 0xFFFFFF)

Until Not WinActive($handle)
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Your script is working for making statics (labels) transparent.

Do you know how to make the following controls transparent?

> Checkbox

> Radio

> Input, Edit

The GuiCtrlSetBkColor(-1, $GUI_BKCOLOR_TRANSPARENT) is not working for the above controls.


EDIT: Looks like the same problem has also been raised in this post:


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I saw that post you linked. Previous to <, I did know, but now.... :o

I have a fullscreen Gui that runs from Windows setup that used to be label transparent, but now is not with the new changes. Something seems not right. Well, that is beta for you. Cannot be perfect with every release.

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Many thanks MHz, you've answered a couple of questions I had with that piece of code.

I like it.

This is probably the wrong place , (but it seems relevant to me)

Has the other transparency problem which is bothering me been solved ?

I want a transparent image on a GUI window which will show the GUI background colour through the transparent parts of the image. All I can get at the moment is to see through the image AND the GUI to whatever is behingd the GUI window.

Am I missing a trick or is this just a "no can do" ?

If anyone has an example of this it would be great.

Hopeful --- Bob

AutoIt is great - leave me alone and I'll play for hours

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Labels seem to be conditional with transparency, so that code is considered as very beta with the current version. Last transparent label I saw had a solid black background.

As far as Transparency is at the moment, my thoughts are that while it seems to be going through a regression/transistion stage then attempting to solve a simple task seems differcult enough.

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