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Problem with SymNRT.exe closing

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For some reason when this script calls the norton uninstall program: SymNRT.exe (found here), it immediately closes on it's own, but the script continues to run.

$title = "Norton Removal Tool"

;Close the configuration wizard if it is open
If ProcessExists("CfgWiz.exe") Then

;Run the removal tool, then pause at the security code screen, then finish removal
Run(@ComSpec & ' /c Start ' & FileGetShortName(@ScriptDir) & '\NUNINST\SymNRT.exe')
WinWait($title, "Welcome to Norton")
ControlClick($title, "Welcome to Norton", "Button3"); Next
WinWait($title, "You must accept")
ControlClick($title, "You must accept", "Button1"); I accept
ControlClick($title, "You must accept", "Button5"); Next

;Script pauses for user to enter security code.


WinWait($title, "Program removal may")
ControlClick($title, "Program removal may", "Button5"); Next
WinWait($title,"Removal Completed")
ControlClick($title,"Removal Completed", "Button6")

Then after symnrt.exe closes, I can reopen it, go to the next page and the script will take up where it left off, but as soon as it hits the next screen, it closes again, leaving the script waiting on it's next WinWait() call. Am I doing something wrong? I don't have this problem running some other install/uninstall type programs. I'm not making any ProcessClose() calls.. (see Not cool, not cool at all) The kicker is, I got it to work one time, it ran all the way to the security code screen, so I'm at a loss. Hopefully someone can shed some light. Thanks.

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