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I'm trying to click a form on a certain page, but when I look at the form info, there is no name, so I cant use the


so I look for someother way to select a form and I see


But I dont know how to work that. What is a 0-Based Index?

On another note, when I try to run a simple code like

#include <IE.au3>


I get an Error : Error Reading File IE.au3

I downloaded the attachment and put it in the "include", but nothing.

Help :o

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Ahh might be because i spelled the name wrong lol

Scorchy Slots

is the correct name

if you cant find it that way, search 'slots' under the game search, and click the scorchy slots image

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Neopets Games

This is our new, easier way of finding games. Either click on one of the four categories below, or type in the game you wish to play in the box. For instance, if you want to play Zurroball you could try typing 'ball'. If you fancy a challenge, try typing in 'Spell' or 'Thade'. Playing the Featured Game will earn you double Neopoints!

Search for Game : (searches name and description)

Sorry, we didnt find any games called 'scorchy slots'



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I've tried different sources, and my computer is also on windows home edition. If you have MSN we can do that Screen thing where you see everything I do on my screen.

My MSN is teamgonuts@gmail.com if you are intrested.

In the mean time I'll try to think this out in the morning =).

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Can anyone tell me how I can find the 0-Based Index?

Or How I can Select a form. I want to select this form, but when I look in the page source, this is all I can find.

<form action='tyranuevavu.phtml' method=post>

<input type=hidden name='type' value='play'>

<input type=hidden name='action' value='shuffle'>

<input type=hidden name='dealer' value='0'>

<input type=submit value='Play Now!'>

How can I select that.

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