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Help On Script I Want To Make..

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I need help on making a script that runs Diablo, and logs on battle.net, selects a char and make a game.

Whit this, i also need a .ini file and need help on how to create it.

This is something of what my .ini file is holding:

AwayReason=/dnd "put a away reason here (whitout the " )

D2Path=C:/Program Files/Diablo II
D2Exe=Diablo II.exe
D2Parameters= -ns -w -res800 -title "Diablo II"

I still need help on making the AutoIt script itself :D

~Tommy :huh2:

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Did you get the ini file from the original zip from the authors page?

I suppose the mousemove ($x, $y) fails because the parameters in the ini are missing, so the two variables $x and $y are not defined.


using this ini file (after configuring it, of course) should work.

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