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Script Login Process?


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I want to be able to create a login process for my script so that a user must use a username and password in order to run the program. It must verify the username and pass through the internet with a file or database I can create. I was looking at using mysql, but it would require each user to have the odbc driver installed.

I already know autoit isn't the securest for this kind of thing, but I am not worried about that right now.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could do this?

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well - you can use ie.au3 or its inet.au3 to have it download a hidden page - you don't want to use the inetget( function to do this - since that will save it to a file

what you wnat ot use is the function that will save a page to an array

you can do this by lines. bascilly what i'm thinking

you put a file up - that has nothing in it tehcnically - but the html has a comment (this prevents anyone who might browse to it from seeing anything) - and in this comment - there will be lines of the usernames and passwords - you can even possibly use the encrypter to encrypt and decrypt these lines

long story short - you would have a file on the web - the program would download this list to an array

then it will look for the line that has that username (if it does not find it, it will reply that it did not find it)

If it finds the line number with that username (again - what you could do is someway encrypt the username and the password, and when they type in the usernmae - it will encrypt that and save it to a variable, then it will look in the page for a line with that encrypted line

after it finds it - it will read the NEXT line number in the array - this is the password - it will compaire the entered password with that one

bam - there ya go - problem solved

very very interesting idea for creating a way to only allow subscribers to use your program - this might be a good idea for me to do it also

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