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I Need Help For Client-Server Problem

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I wanna make a script so all client(with application installation restriction policy) can update certain application (ie:MSOffice2003 from an executable update file on the server)remotely from an administrator computer simultaneously. anyone have the solutions for it? :o

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Assuming all workstations are running Win2000 SP-4 or WinXP Pro SP-2...

Place a script on each workstation, in the ...\Documents and Settings\All Users\Programs\Start Menu\StartUp folder.

This script will call a script on the server. That is all it does and nothing else.

The script on the server will run at user logon...Providing a number of capabilities through a RunAsSet(). At this point, all workstations need to have the same Local Administrator Account UserName and Password.

This server side script is capable of performing the following actions:

1...File copy and install security patches, updates, and applications

2...Read and manipulate the registry to determine if installs are needed

3...Force a User log off/Application close and reboot the workstation

4...Determine what hotfixes/patches are installed

5...determine what version and date of antivirus definitions file is

6..Logging events and more...Tthe list goes on

If you have more than 100 workstations connected, I would recommend assigning them to groups of no more than 50. Also, create one group for testing that includes one workstation from every office/department. Cause the server script to execute on the test group first; looking for feedback from Users to determine if there are any incompatibility issues. Once all alibi's are resolved enable all other groups.

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YOur router must have to open the port where you work


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