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Hey im trying to figure out a script that will push a keystroke or mouse stroke rapidly as if i kept pushing it down as fast as i can. One of my buddies wrote this script

HotKeySet("^!z","AntiAFK") ;^!z is Ctrl+Alt+'z' to run the AntiAFK

HotKeySet("^!x","End") ;^!x is Ctrl+Alt+'x' to close the AntiAFK

While 1



Func AntiAFK()

While 1





Func End()



The problem is it hits "space" really really slow and takes forever to hit it again. Can someone write me a script lets say for like Mouse3 (middle button on windows mice) and make it so it is constantly pushing it (as if i were rapidly pushing down upon it)

PS; if mouse3 isnt possible can you just write the script for space and ill figure out another key thanks!

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