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Im not very good when it comes to the TCP functions.... i was wondering if someone could write me a well commented script that will show me how to use TCPConnect(), TCPStartup(), TCPSend(), and TCPRecv().

Im really having the trouble with TCPSend, and TCPRecv.

I would really appreciate it if u could help... Thanks! If u could, could u show me an example with all of them working together... thanks alot! I know they have them in the Help File, but they don't really help me much.

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More TCPSend questions:

I'm trying to connect to a Telnet server to send some commands. I need to first setup up the terminal by sending IAC's. (See http://www.scit.wlv.ac.uk/~jphb/comms/telnet.html if confused as to what I'm talking about)

How can I send data AS a telnet COMMAND. I really need to send the decimal code I believe. I'm using a packet sniffer to note my failures from within autoit, and my success's from just a command line.

Typically, the Telnet server would deliver:

     Command: Do Terminal Type
     Command: Do Terminal Speed
     Command: Do X Display Location
     Command: Do New Environment Option

I need to reply to the affect of:

     Command: Won't Terminal Type
     Command: Won't Terminal Speed
     Command: Won't X Display Location
     Command: Won't New Environment Option

But, when using TCPSend my telnet rec'vd data is:

     Data: Won't Terminal Type

I'm guessing there's some syntax I'm missing here, in how I deliver the commands to have the Telnet server Interpret As Command.




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