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Qual-IT London


I'm an old skool batch programmer (ish!) and have written a backup system which is a complex set of cmd and bat files.

Works very well

It runs a single text file with set= commands inside it that governs how it should operate.

Now I want to write a wizard to set it up. Well actually I have been looking for someone to do it now for 3 months but that isn't easy. Most people are either sh1t or if they are any good they want a lot of dolllars for it!

I know its not difficult but batch doesn't allow me any GUI... so

AutoIT looks about the easiest thing for me to get my head around if I know batch programming.

My questions are:

1. Can Auto IT do this? www.qualit-uk.com/wizard

2. If so, how hard would it be and

3. Do any of you want the job? Or at least want to be paid to guide me through it?

I see sections 1 and 2 as being a problem and the rest easy as pie. Read carefully about sections 1 and 2, section 2 needs to be able to browse the network, BUT only the network not my network places, MSN and DESKTOP and all the other crud and select machine shares and write them to a text file like this

set mappath00=\\computer1\share


set mappath00=\\computer1\share\docs\myfolder

I really need to get this wizard done by the end of feb, i know that might be asking too much.

Nick C

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Welcome to the Forums!!!!

i would suggest taking a look at "Welcome to Autoit 1-2-3" in my signature below... its a great place to start

there are people here that can help you... most wont "DO-IT" for you

while others respond to this post.. take a look at that Tutor Program

good luck



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