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Evgeny himmelreich

AutoItX MouseMove on Remote Desktop

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Evgeny himmelreich

I wrote a simple script using AutiItX, that's just supposed

to do a mouse LeftClick and move the cursor out of the active window.

If I run it on local machine, it works ok.

Unfortunately if I run it in "Remote Desktop" session, the LeftClick event is fired

and mouse coordinates are changes, but the cursor stay in the same place.

The strange thing is, if I move the mouse to (1,1) :


The cursor changes to "Resize" cursor as if the cursor realy was in

the window corner, but it still in the old place.

Any idea what's going on or how I can get by this?


Evgeny Himmelreich

******** Script **********

var oAutoIt = new ActiveXObject("AutoItX.Control");


WScript.Echo("Before move x=" + oAutoIt.MouseGetPosX() +" y="+

oAutoIt.MouseGetPosY() );


WScript.Echo("After move x=" + oAutoIt.MouseGetPosX() +" y="+

oAutoIt.MouseGetPosY() );


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