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Hi guys!

Please forgive me if I can't explain this well, but I've not had much sleep lately building a php site. Anyway, I have 2 potentially conflicting devices installed on my usb ports and I want to build a script that checks both. If they work properly, then the script ends, but if one is conflicting with the other, I want to first try to remove the hardware and if that doesn't work, disable the conflicting hardware.

I use autoscript to check pnp devices, but I can't think of a reliable solution to simulting a "safely remove hardware", and I'm sure there's got to be a better solution to disable the device than running Windows Device Manager. By the way, in this case I can't use Devcon.exe, which would have been a great solution, but I need to distribute it, which would infringe the licence.

Thks in advance.


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I was about to get back as I started to realize the extent of the task at hand. I started checking a pdf book on the subject "Jan_Axelson-USB_Complete_2nd_Edition.pdf" which I found in google, can't post the link as I lost on the way, but it has some vbs explanations.

I really, really appreciate the help provided.

Yours truly,


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