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Das Ami

Statistic Project

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I'm currently trying to make an autoit script for a warcraft 3 fungame which will count the amounts of games played and the wins and losses and then submit them to an online ladder.

However I'm not really into autoit and the reason I did choose it is that it is illegal to inject scripts into warcraft 3 and autoit probably could do the same with pixel detection.

Now my first problem is this :

I will use pixelsearch to make shure that the player doesn't cheat (like playing a singleplayer game or just showing autoit a screenshot).

How can I stop the script when war3.exe isn't activated (on top)?

Problem 2 :

Is it possible to submit data to an online formular with autoit?

Problem 3 :

How can I savely encrypt the data (amount of games played, wins, losses)?

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while processexists("war3.exe")
;do whatever


search for ftp.au3 in this forum

edit: oh its an onlineform than you can try send() or controlsend()

3. _stringencrypt or use 1 of my encryptions (although most are not safe - maybe vigniere or perfect vigniere)

have fun

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