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Stringreplace Weirdness

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EDIT: It appears to be a bug in 3.0.102 beccause 3.0.101 stable works.

I expect the output to look like avi|button|checkbox|combo and so on--but that is not what I get

;;;fixed-width $records is a bit of a hack to make things simpler

$records = "avi     :button  :checkbox:combo   :date    :edit    :group   :icon    :input   :label   :list    :progress:radio   :tab     :updown  :"
  MsgBox(4096,"Records", $records)

$noSpaces = StringStripWS($records,8)
  MsgBox(4096,"no space", $noSpaces)

$comboData = StringReplace($noSpaces, ':', '|') 
  MsgBox(4096,"controlList", $comboData)

:D What is the problem?

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You late around 9hours. the lastest unstable working is 24th 14:49

perhaps it is the same for your other thread problem.

Be careful with the proxy caching download. I always add ?new=x to the download when I want to be sure

Take care :D

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