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Raw Read Utility

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I originally made this program for reading floppies, it has helped me a lot. This program will open a drive in raw read mode, read the drive, then compress the raw data using mozart90's zip idea.

Compression is optional and you can also modify the sector size, drive letter, and where it saves the data.

Here's a look at the GUI:

It's not the best GUI I have ever made, but it gets the job done. This program works great with VFD (Virtual Floppy Disk emulator) especially since you can use zip compressed images.

The source code of the program is attached. Enjoy! :o


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This would have been great 5 years ago I'm afraid, i haven't seen a floppy disk in over a year. USB drives have taken over. But If it went for VFD i would still have some floppy's laying around. I threw all of mine away though.

I also have use ftp to access files on my computer if need be (makes it easy to sync data), so in fact i never carry around a USB drive anymore either (i took it off my key chain). Times are changin! I still used CD's though, like UBCD4Win and things like that. If the prices go crazy low for USB drives i would probably carry one around again, but i would have it bootable.

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@areeb did you happen to notice this post was over 10 years old? And the OP hasn't been on the forum in 8? Please don't necro-post in old threads, especially when all you're doing is linking to another old thread.

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