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Diablo II Chat Program

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I have been tinkering with a gui that will serve as a 3rd party window for chatting on telnet in battle.net public chat.

i have come a long ways!

the issue i am having is that i cannot send/receive text to/from the channel with most other players.

if i connect to telnet normally without the script i am able to do so.

but when i connect with the script, i cannot see my other character (my character is logged onto telnet normally) type in the same channel, and i cant whisper to him. i can receive whispers from him but i cant see him type in the channel.

i am looking for someone who would be interested in helping.

if you are interested, i can send you the code.

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Valik Note Added 19 October 2006 - 08:38 AMAdded to warn level I just plain don't like you.

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