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text from dodgey term emu app


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Hi Folks,

I am reasonably new to AuotIT but have spent many hours looking through the forums to find the answer I am looking for. Unfortunately things arent always that easy.

Basically I need to get screen text from a dodgy terminal emulation program that it seems has now window text (cannot use window functions to check if string exists), and has no reference to cursor position (to see where the cursor is currently at).

Anyways what I need a script to do is copy the text from the window (somewhat easy done), then perform a regular expression search on the text in the clipboard (or hidden notepad) to find the strings I am looking for and then send a key-press per the relevant option for that screen.

Any assistance with this would be great. As for the suggestion of using an alternate terminal program, this cannot be done, as the software is a proprietary piece of junk. If needed to make the idea easier, I can post slightly edited screenshots.

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