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Do any GUI design tools support 'relative' sizes/positions?


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When creating dialogs, display windows, etc, I ensure they're relative to the machine's desktop size - I don't use explicit pixel sizes.

So, for example, a progress bar maybe 1/2 (50%) of @DesktopWidth and 1/4 (25%) of @DesktopHeight.

Controls/buttons/items within a window are placed relative to (ie offset from) window borders, for example.

The intention is that such GUI objects appear the same/similar on all displays, regardless of screen resolution.

Does this make sense to anyone?

The two most popular GUI design tools seem to be Koda and GUIBuilder; if either support what I'm looking for, I've yet to find it.

Example: Could Koda be amended to allow the AutoIt variable @DesktopWidth in a form's Width field.



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Relative positioning of form elements or controls (to each other and to the runtime hardware) is of

immense value when designing and modifying guis.

Another issue is to be able to import an au3 script into a gui editor, graphically adjust the gui, then save out the script w/o needing any ancillary files.

Hmm... perhaps a couple more compiler directives could prove useful for that, indicating the programmer's desire to utilize relative / absolute coordinate positioning, display size, etc. There are

also potentials to be realized w/ multiple monitors.

Very credible efforts have been made to get functional tools, and I applaud the efforts of the authors and their willingness to contribute to the community. More robustness and feature richness will come w/ time, I am sure.

Reading the help file before you post... Not only will it make you look smarter, it will make you smarter.

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