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Problems with pixels


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Hi, I am creating an script, and I need that my script differentiates some pictures from others but I don't know how.

it's possible to create "if" functions to differentiate images from others. it is possible to create a small data base with the coordinates and pixels of each image? how can I do it? if not what program can do it and how?

I prefer to do it with autoit because I have the rest of the script programmed with it but I don't know how.

thanks a lot :o

please reply me to: shadyyy@gmail.com thanks

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Hi, I attach you some images of the program that I use, it is magic the gathering and I am creating an script to manage the the trades on it. if you take a look there are a lot of different cards (more than 1000) and I need to create an script that can know the difference between the cards because each card has different prices. maybe I can create a database with the pixels of each card or something like that, but I am not sure how. maybe with visual basic or another one, if you can tell me how it will be very usefull.

I attach you one screen of the game:

Posted Image


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i noticed each card has a name.. it might be easier to use that, however 1000 is alot to work with


get the IE.au3 Builder and learn About the Ie.AU3 Library by Dale Hohm

( The IE.au3 builder in in my signature below )

9 also "Welcome to Autoit 1-2-3" has IE.au3 Demonstrations )

good luck


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  • 11 months later...

i really am in a similar position here ....

but i didnt understand what it has to do with IE controls ??

the game runs in a client window (not IE) and its controls are self contained *thus having ID/Class whatsoever. .... ...

waiting forward to getting some ideas about how image processing of these cards are done using autolibs or some udfs maybe ...

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