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Getting approval of any non-standard applications is difficult and takes a long time. While I have put in the request, the job I need it for will be over by the time the software is approved.

rather than using the installer, there is the option of getting the zipped files and just putting them where they go manually...
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Got it working through a COM interface. No install necessary. Thanks

yeah at my last job to get it installed on some computers i had to work around some stuff too... if you HAVE to have admin access, alot of times administrators will block control panel etc etc, but you can still bring up a command prompt or a run line and run c:\windows\system32\lusrmgr.msc to get into the user accounts. if they haven't explicitly locked it down the way they should, you can create a new local user with admin rights, then log in to the local machine (rather than the network) and install from saved installers. i was the one that was tasked with bypassing security (to expose flaws in the images) at my last job so i had no worries about getting fired or anything...
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