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Find the avg seconds

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I want to find out the avg amound of seconds it takes for the:

While statement to run.

Like i want to use _NowTime() and a run count, and find the time difference from run 1 and run 2 then lets say you get 4 seconds adds that to a $time var, then divides that by a $runs var and bam you should be able to get it?

Anyone know if this will work or aready have something liek this?

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thanks lol, just getting into the time section of AI

Cool through it together to see if it works and it does :o

Average Time

$Runs = 0
$Total= 0
While 1
$begin = TimerInit()
$dif = TimerDiff($begin)
$Total = $Total + $dif
$Runs = $Runs + 1
$avg = $Total / $Runs
MsgBox(0,"Time Average","Total Time: " & $Total & @CRLF & "Average Time: " & $avg)

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