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How do I find the number of substrings in a string?

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I am trying to find the number of occurences of a string within the body tags of an HTML page. There will always be at least one and less than 22: (the code below is just one of many things I have tried. I also tried a Do loop -- which I think is what I want -- but no worky)

Func NumberOfStrings()

$StringToSearch = _IEBodyReadHTML($o_IE)
$x = 1
$y = 1
For $y = 1 to 22
    StringInStr ($StringToSearch, "MySubString", 0, $x)
    $x = $x + 1
         If @error = 1 Then  ; StringInStr() failed
SplashTextOn("Instances of MySubString", $x)


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Never mind -- I figured it out. I need to stop messing with this stuff at 4 AM! :o

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