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I just got a new card that has a yellow av outlet (like the kind on tv's) in and out. Now I got this crazy idea last night of all the cool things I could do If I rooted my xbox through my computer to the TV, or just to the comuter and displayed the screen in a GUI. ANyways my question is if anyone knows how to do this with AutoIt. I seem to remember some media UDFs using the Windows Media Player dll were posted a while ago. Could I possibly use thoughs? If so could somone walk me through it? I'm at my school for about 20 more mins and I have no way to test it because my comps being commandered by my parents (stupid spanish grade :o ) so any help will be appreciated. :geek:

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If its on your video card, and theres only one of them, its for avout, so you could display whats on your computer, on a tv. In order to hook your xbox to your computer you would need a tv tuner card. however if it was tv tuner card/ video card combo, there shouldnt be a problem... just hook your xbox the the IN and your tv to the Out. and then for your sound you would need a Y connector to run from your speaker jack to the tv (3.5 mm stereo Male to RCA stereo male) the tv tuner card usually comes with a cable that goes from the back of the card to your line in jack.

Edit: This is only given from my experience.. i have a pinnacle tv tuner card and a nvida geforce video card. as far as automating this with autoit... hard to say. pinnacle had its own software and im not sure if windows media player could use it or not.

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