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I need to interact with a control. When I run the window info tool, this is the info on the control:

Size: X: 31 Y: 307 W: 395 H: 15

Control ID: 1001

ClassNameNN: Edit5


Style: 0x50000380

ExStyle: 0x00000000

This is the problem: I've got several tabs that have the same Control ID in them, so I can't use that. (tried already) The ClassNameNN is unique however. I looked in the help file, and I didn't quite understand what to do. All I'm looking to do is capture the text in the control to a variable. Thoughts?

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As an example: ControlClick('WindowName', '', 'Edit5')


Or since it's an Edit:

ControlSend('WindowName', '', 'Edit5', 'Send Text')


Or to capture text:

ControlGetText('WindowName', '', 'Edit5')

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