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Display Printer Status and Send Email

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Hi All,

I have a PC running windows 2000 professional. I would like to be able to display printer status for about 19 printers. If one of the printers has a Paper Jam or has Toner message under the status bar i would like AUTOIT to send an email. I know how to send an email via blat, but I cannot find a way for AUTOIT to read the printer status window and use the text to send the email. Does anyone have a sample or know a way to get the status from the program or window? I have included the printer window status as Word file attachment. I believe windows uses SYNTPLPR.exe do get this display of network printers.

Any samples or code would be appreciated. Thanks

I would be using the text from the window as variables. Variable 1= Printer name ,Variable 2 = Documents number #, Variable 3 = Status. The 3 variables would be sent via email subject line


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