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Problem with ControlGetText and ControlID

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I am having a problem reading fields in our database software 'ACT!' build I made this script to see if I would be able read the fields and return the values. I was able to read and return the correct result for 1 of the 4 fields.

Can you help me find out why I cannot read the other 3 fields? (Yes I do notice that 2 fields are not unique and share the same ControlID and ClassNameNN.) I have attached a .jpg of what the window looks like, and 5 .txt with the Info that I copied/pasted from the AutoIt Active Window Tool.

Also, I did try ControlFocus("ACT!", "", [ControlID]) and ControlClick( "ACT!", "", [ControlID]) with the respective ControlID.

Thanks in advance for the help.

$1 = ControlGetText ( "ACT!", "", 10034 );ID 10034 is for Company
MsgBox(4096, "ControlGetText", $1, 5);The only one that Returns the Correct Result

$2 = ControlGetText ( "ACT!", "", 2 );ID 2 is for Contact
MsgBox(4096, "ControlGetText", $2, 5);Returns a Blank Result

$3 = ControlGetText ( "ACT!", "", 1001 );ID 1001 is for Title
MsgBox(4096, "ControlGetText", $3, 5);Returns a Blank Result

$4 = ControlGetText ( "ACT!", "", 10034 );ID 10034 is for Email Field, Also?
MsgBox(4096, "ControlGetText", $4, 5);Returns the Company field Result

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