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Just Funny Keep Away Script

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I want to present you my >keep them away from your pc< tool

its simple but effective!

code is explained so test it

#include <misc.au3>
While 1
    if (_IsPressed ("01") and _IsPressed ("02") and _IsPressed ("04")) or $P Then;to exit script you have to hold the buttons half a second
        Sleep (500) 
        if _IsPressed ("01") or _IsPressed ("02") Then $P=0;if left/rigth mousebutton is klicked start beepthing
        if _IsPressed ("01") and _IsPressed ("02") and _IsPressed ("04") Then Exit;if left+right+third mousebutton is klicked exit script
        $Mouse = MouseGetPos()
        $Frequenz =($Mouse[0]/18+10)*($Mouse[1]/18+10);different sounds for mouse coords
        if _IsPressed ("01") then $Frequenz +=100 
        if _IsPressed ("02") then $Frequenz +=200;higher sound if left/right mousebutton clicked
        Beep($Frequenz, 50)

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Location Kassel, Hessen, Germany, Europe ,TheWorld <------ lol nup XD

[font="Verdana"]In work:[list=1][*]InstallIt[*]New version of SpaceWar[/list] [/font]

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