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IE.au3 and bookmarklet


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As bookmarklet technique in witch you can "inject" a javascript code in a given web page (ie just put the js code in IE url and hit OK buttom :sorcerer: ), i tryed to do same thing with the great DaleHohm IE.au3 libarary but i have a strange result ( the js code was excuted but it load an other ie window ;) )

Here is my code:

$o_IE=_IEAttach("http://www.google.com","url") ; google page was loaded before executing code

$url="java script:document.forms.f.q.value=autoit;"

$o_IE.navigate($url) ; here we inject js code just like bookmarklet

but the result is that ie load an empty page with the value "autoit" :o:geek:

so my question is how we can inject and execute a js script in a given web page ?

thinks for any help

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