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Coding Structure?


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I am creating a little application that will have multiple tabs, each of which will have multiple buttons on them plus there will be a few buttons that will be visiable no matter which tab you are on like HELP and CLOSE. I have never been taught any coding best practices so as this little project gets larger I am really starting to see the need for good coding structure. Here are my questions.

1. Anyone know of a good free reference for basic coding structure best practices?

2. With the GUI I mentioned above having multiple tabs and buttons, would it be best to still just have one of the following loop command areas that will be waiting for any of the button presses in the whole application? Or would it make more sense to create seperate loops like this for each tab?

While 1

$msg = GUIGetMsg()

3. When is it best to create functions to seperate out ares of code?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.

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good questions

my first prgram was with tabs and mutiple buttons and close buttons ... just like you have described

I used 1 loop with over 2000 lines of code

For a great reference that includes good coding "FORMAT"


my first scipt with multiple tabs and buttons



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