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Some sort of interprocess communication

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but it doesent work right...

only the 'int' part of the struct is forwarded


Global Const $WM_USER = 0x400
Global Const $UM_AU3MESSAGE = $WM_USER + 0x125
Global Const $STRUCTDEF_AU3MESSAGE = "char[256];int"

$hWnd_Main = GUICreate("Au3MessageServer")
Func _Au3Message($hWnd, $MsgID, $WParam, $LParam)
; $WParam = Pointer
    $Au3Message2 = DllStructCreate($STRUCTDEF_AU3MESSAGE,$LParam)
    MsgBox(0,"Server","Struct Size = " & DllStructGetSize($Au3Message2))
    MsgBox(0,"Server","Struct 1 = " & DllStructGetData($Au3Message2,1))
    MsgBox(0,"Server","Struct 2 = " & DllStructGetData($Au3Message2,2))
    Return @AutoItPID
While 1
Global Const $WM_USER = 0x400
Global Const $UM_AU3MESSAGE = $WM_USER + 0x125
Global Const $STRUCTDEF_AU3MESSAGE = "char[256];int"

$hWnd_Server = WinGetHandle("Au3MessageServer")
$Au3Message1 = DllStructCreate($STRUCTDEF_AU3MESSAGE)
DllStructSetData($Au3Message1,1,"Test Blah Blah ...")
MsgBox(0,"Client","Struct Size = " & DllStructGetSize($Au3Message1))
$r = DllCall("user32.dll","int","SendMessage", _
            "hWnd",$hWnd_Server, _
            "int",$UM_AU3MESSAGE, _
            "int",0, _
$Au3Message1 = 0
MsgBox(0,"Client","Server Return (Pid) = " &$r[0])
; Kill Server

any idea why DllStructGetData($Au3Message1,1) doesent return "Test Blah Blah ..." ?

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