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Shoutcast title graphic maker script request.

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Hi there.

I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to write up a script for me. I'm not too bright, and I don't think i'll be able to figure it out on my own.

I run a Shoutcast video stream called "ToqerTV" which broadcasts karaoke singers from the Bar I work at. I only get paid $600@mo from the owners, I paid for the streaming equipment myself, and i'm still paying off that debt, but if it requires a token paypal donation (beer) to someone to get it done, i'm willing to do that. I'm sure if you just charged $20 for the program, lots of other NSV broadcasters would pay for it.

So onto what I want. We use a program called FFDShow to overlay a bitmap onto the video stream. FFDShow can dynamically change that bitmap to another one. I would like an autoIT script that acts as a tcp server, accepts shoutcast title updates, when it receives a shoutcast title update it uses another program like imagemagick create bmp2.bmp with the shoutcast title, types in the path\bmp2.bmp in the FFDshow overlay box, then fades it in, fades it out, and switches back to my default.bmp

Shoutcast Title update format

This is what the autoit tcp server would be recieving on every song/singer change. The TITLE_GOES_HERE needs to be overlayed on another image using the convert function of imagemagick

Posted Image

Imagemagik command line

This takes the TITLE_GOES_HERE recieved on the tcp server, then launches the imagemagik command line tool convert that takes a 3rd bmp, and converts it to bmp2 with the title_goes_here text.

convert bmp3.bmp -gravity south \
            -stroke '#0004' -strokewidth 2 -annotate 0 'TITLE_GOES_HERE'\
            -stroke  none   -fill white -annotate 0 'TITLE_GOES_HERE'\

FFDshow bmp overlay switch

Starts out like this.

Posted Image

It then moves the opacity slider to the left, fading out the overlay.

Posted Image

Next it moves to the "File Name:" box and puts in the path/bmp2.bmp

Posted Image

Then fades it in by moving the Opacity slider to the right.

Posted Image

Finally, it fades bmp2.bmp out, switches back to bmp1.bmp, fades bmp1.bmp back in and waits until it recieves the next title update.

This would be ultimately hot because then folks watching the stream would know who's singing, and just about every other NSV broadcaster would have a need for this. You'd be a hero.


ToqerTV Stream

Imagemagick Graphic processing tools

Version of FFDshow we use

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