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Chosing install path with a TreeView only

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I tried to setup a LaTeX environment. 5 setups or so are working fine (Python, ImageMagick, ...), then it was time for MiKTeX, the last in line. It's always the last one that's not working, isn't it? Chosing a path by simply typing it in is not possible and I can't figure out a solution. Browsing for a directory results in a tree view-only dialogue:

Posted Image

Is it possible to navigate through it, looking for my CD-ROM (labeled "MiKTeX") as a sub directory of my "Arbeitsplatz" (My Computer)? I didn't find any commands for such operation because I don't have a GUIControl handle given by GUICreateTreeView or similiar.

By the way: ControlSetText on the disabled TextBox doesn't work. It looks like the path is stored in a variable, therefore it doesn't matter what I write in the box, I always get an error saying:

The directory

[blank line here]isn't a valide package reposit directory

I'm very new to all this AutiIt Script stuff and I really hope that I just didn't notice something that makes automation possible, because it's necessary for the admins at my school not to waste time with the setup process.

Thanks for replies in advance!

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Try ControlSend on the text box in the folder selection dialog, or if that does not work, a normal send of it.

TiP: i think + opens a tree and - closes a tree


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(Control)Send didn't work, I tried that before. Since the Textbox is deactivated (that has nothing to do with the dialoge in front of the setup - it's alwys greyed) I can't type anything in.

The problem with navigating in a tree is that I don't know where to stop. Identifying a TreeViewItem of the scripts GUI-library seems to be very easy, but I don't find anything applicable for foreign controls...

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