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Date Calculator

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Hi all,

Here is my GUI:

#include <GUIConstants.au3>
; == GUI generated with Koda ==
GUICreate("2Date", 250, 318)
$MonthCal1 = GUICtrlCreateMonthCal("", 16, 40, 217, 193)
GUICtrlCreateLabel("Please select your birthdate in the below calender", 8, 8, 238, 17)
GUICtrlCreateLabel("You are:", 16, 270, 44, 17)
$Input1 = GUICtrlCreateInput("", 16, 288, 217, 21, $WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE & $ES_CENTER)

$Calc = GUICtrlCreateButton("Calculate", 72, 248, 113, 25, 0)
While 1
    $msg = GuiGetMsg()
    Case $msg = $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
    Case $msg = $Calc
        GUICtrlSetData($Input1, " days old ")
    Case Else

What I am wanting is to calculate the number of days to date using the expression "year/month/day". For example : 20 years 2 months and 15 days.

I didn't see a similar reference in the forum so I googled and came across Microsoft's website where I got the info mentioned below. But quite honestly, I don't know how to integrate/convert this into an Autoit code. Can somebody assist please. The details from MS website are as below:

To calculate the number of days, months, and years between two dates, where the start and end dates are entered in cells A1 and A2 respectively, follow these steps:

1. Create a new workbook

2. Type the following data in the workbook (or any date you prefer):

A1: 10/01/94

A2: 05/03/06

3. Type the following formula in cell D1: =YEAR(A2)-YEAR(A1)-IF(OR(MONTH(A2)<MONTH(A1),AND(MONTH(A2)=MONTH(A1),

DAY(A2)<DAY(A1))),1,0)&" years, "&MONTH(A2)-MONTH(A1)+IF(AND(MONTH(A2)


>=DAY(A1)),12,IF(AND(MONTH(A2)>MONTH(A1),DAY(A2)<DAY(A1)),-1)))&" months,

"&A2-DATE(YEAR(A2),MONTH(A2)-IF(DAY(A2)<DAY(A1),1,0),DAY(A1))&" days"

NOTE: If you copy and paste this formula, make sure that there are no line breaks, or the formula will not work.

If you typed the formula correctly, cell D1 now displays: 12 years, 1 months, 23 days.

Anyone know of a function that already does this or know how to use the above example in Autoit? :o

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In date.au3 there are several date functions. _DateDiff is what you're looking for.

From the helpfile:

Returns the difference between 2 dates, expressed in the type requested.

#include <Date.au3>

_DateDiff($sType, $sStartDate, $sEndDate)



D = Difference in days between the given dates

M = Difference in months between the given dates

Y = Difference in years between the given dates

w = Difference in Weeks between the given dates

h = Difference in hours between the given dates

n = Difference in minutes between the given dates

s = Difference in seconds between the given dates


Input date in the format "YYYY/MM/DD[ HH:MM:SS]"


Input End date in the format "YYYY/MM/DD[ HH:MM:SS]"

Return Value

Success: Difference between the 2 dates.

Failure: 0

@Error: 0 = No error.

1 = Invalid $sType

2 = Invalid $sStartDate

3 = Invalid $sEndDate

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I did read the help file, but didn't find what I need. Perhaps my request wasn't understood clearly. I want a combination of the three: year + month + day.

I tested your advice (see code below):

#include <Date.au3>

$iDateCalc = _DateDiff( 'Y',"1994/01/10 00:00:00",_NowCalc())
MsgBox( 4096, "", "Number of years: " & $iDateCalc )

In the above code I get the result as 12 years. But in reality the precise figure (and the one I want) is supposed to be "12 years, 1 months, 23 days". Perhaps there is a way to mix and match the code in the help file, but I can't figure that out. Can someone assist please :o

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Took me a while to get this idea. I was trying to do it manually, and it was tough.

$OldDate = "1994/01/10"
$OldDateSplit = StringSplit ($OldDate, "/")
$iYearCalc = _DateDiff( 'Y', $OldDate, _NowCalcDate())
$OldDateSplit[1] += $iYearCalc
$iMonthCalc = _DateDiff( 'M', $OldDateSplit[1] & "/" & $OldDateSplit[2] & "/" & $OldDateSplit[3], _NowCalcDate())
$OldDateSplit[2] += $iMonthCalc
If $OldDateSplit[2] > 12 Then
    $OldDateSplit[1] += 1
    $OldDateSplit[2] -= 12
$iDayCalc = _DateDiff( 'D', $OldDateSplit[1] & "/" & $OldDateSplit[2] & "/" & $OldDateSplit[3], _NowCalcDate())
MsgBox (0, "date change", $iYearCalc & @CRLF & $iMonthCalc & @CRLF & $iDayCalc)

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Try This:

$StartDate = "1994/01/10 00:00:00"
$EndDate = StringLeft(_NowCalc(),8) & StringMid($StartDate,9,10)
$Years = _DateDiff("y", $StartDate, $EndDate)
$Months = _DateDiff("m", $StartDate, $EndDate)
$Months -= $Years * 12
$Days = _DateDiff("d", $EndDate, _NowCalc())
if $Days < 0 Then
    $Days += _DateDaysInMonth(StringLeft($EndDate,4), StringMid($EndDate,6,2) -1)
    $Months -= 1
MsgBox(0, "Date Diff Calc", $Years & " Year(s), " & $Months & " Month(s), " & $Days & " Day(s)")

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@greenmachine & @GioVit,

Thank you very much for your assistance. Both your codes work. I was going crazy trying to come up with a solution, but you guys have solved it for me. Very much appreciate it. :o

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