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I've looked at a way to change the mouse cursor, but have had limited success.

SetCursor does not work, but SetSystemCursor does.... To change the normal arrow to cross-hair, call

SetSystemCursor(LoadCursor(0, IDC_CROSS), 32512);

Calling this function again will revert the cursor to normal.

BUT this seems like quite a hack and could be bad if a custom cursor is loaded and the user forcably kills AutoIt. (To get your normal cursor back you simply need to open the mouse control panel applet and re-apply your mouse scheme .)

Some helpful sites:



Anyone care to tackle this problem? I'd settle for something that only works on AutoIt-Gui windows.

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SetCursor should work for a GUI. I definitely do not want to see something that will force people to go into the Control Panel to fix their cursors, though. It pisses me off when I have a program which changes my cursor and doesn't restore it (I use themed cursors). I can even mess it with AutoIt through Send, sometimes (Bug, I'm sure, but no clue what it is).

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