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Problems using the TreeView UDF with another application

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Can somebody tello me what I'm doing wrong? I'm trying to use AutoIt to get text from controls in other applications, and I'm having trouble with the TreeView. I saw on the forums that the GUI UDFs were extended to use with other applications, so that can't be it.

#include <GuiTreeView.au3>
$hw = WinGetHandle("AutoIt Help")
$hc = ControlGetHandle($hw, "", "SysTreeView321")
$tt = _GUICtrlTreeViewItemGetTree($hw, "SysTreeView321", "\")
$ct = ControlGetText($hw, "", "SysTreeView321")

The $hc appears in the messageboxes just fine, but both $tt and $ct are blank, whether I use the classname or the handle. (I can't use a Control ID because according to AU3Info, this control doesn't have one.)

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i can tell you that the control commands are able to work with external programs, however i believe that this


is for a GUI Control created in autoit

( and i dont have the answer you are looking for )



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