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Launch text file in Notepad

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What I want to do is when a user clicks to read my Read Me file from my Gui it opens the readme.txt file in Notepad.exe

In the help files I see this:

Which is the first step to understanding how to do it.

Run("Notepad.exe", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

I have also read this post:

Launching a pdf file from a script, Launching a pdf file from a script


Which shows me

Run("explorer.exe " & @ScriptDir & "\Documentation\Help.pdf", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

Here is what I have mod it to

Run("Notepad.exe " & @ScriptDir & "\include\readme.txt", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

But its not working for me. Is there something I'm missing???

Need a website: http://www.iconixmarketing.com

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works for me.... Sometimes you need extra quotes when the file path contains spaces, but it works either way for me.

$path = @ScriptDir & "\include\readme.txt"

MsgBox(0,"Path", $path)
If Not FileExists($path) Then MsgBox(0,"error","File not found")
;Try one
Run("Notepad.exe " & $path, "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

;Second try
Run("Notepad.exe " & """" & $path & """", "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

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i have found when the path has spaces...;

$Path = FileGetShortName( ACTUAL PATH )

Run("Prog.exe " & $path, "", @SW_MAXIMIZE)

works everytime



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