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i wanted to know if u can use and inputbox to insert a day like the 24th and then delete like a file like

$00 = InputBox("DATA", "Insert the Day of the week", "", "", -1, -1, 0, 0)


the above does not work can some one help me

also is there any way to make autoit look at a file and determin the date the file was created if it is a prior bussisness day of the current bussiness day then run something and if it is not then exit Is this possible?

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Just needed to seperate variables from your text.

if $00=04 then in autoit:

"C:\atmrpt\" & $00 & "test.txt"="C:\atmrpt\04test.txt"


$00 = InputBox("DATA", "Insert the Day of the week", "", "", -1, -1, 0, 0)
FileDelete("C:\atmrpt\" & $00 & "test.txt")

edit.. second part from helpfile:



Returns the time and date information for a file.

FileGetTime ( "filename" [,option])


filename Filename to check.

option [optional] Flag to indicate which timestamp

0 = Modified (default)

1 = Created

2 = Accessed

Return Value

Success: Returns an array that contains the file time information. See Remarks.

Failure: Returns numeric 1 and sets @error to 1.


The array is a single dimension array containing six elements:

$array[0] = year (four digits)

$array[1] = month (range 01 - 12)

$array[2] = day (range 01 - 31)

$array[3] = hour (range 00 - 23)

$array[4] = min (range 00 - 59)

$array[5] = sec (range 00 - 59)

Notice that return values are zero-padded.

if $array[2]<>@mday then dosomething()

func dosomething()
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