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Guest MagratGarlick

Single-stepping Scripts

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Guest MagratGarlick

Searching through the forums I find that the only way to debug a script is to "REM" out all the lines then remove the "REM's" line by line until the problem is found. It this correct?

I have a script for installing an application that worked fine in my test WinXP setup, but falls over - enters the wrong information in the Product Key - when I run it my main WinXP setup.

It would be so useful to be able to step through the script line by line to see what exactly is happening.



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Things that might help:

Opt("TrayIconDebug", 1) ;put at beginning of script

; hover over the tray icon to get current script line number

Use MsgBox or TrayTip to display results after every line

Full Debug features will be added soon. Hope that helps

P.S. You can also use #cs and #ce to comment out a block of lines.

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As long as there is no major flaws, you can step it through by setting up stops as well, or turn on the tray icon debug option.


; code
$x=1; just an example
; more code
$x="this part is cool"

func pause()
$pause=NOT $pause
while NOT $pause
tooltip($x,0,0); if you want some tip in it

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