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AutiIT .exe as CGI ?

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Hi Forum!

I hope this is not question No. 1243 for the same topic - but I didn't find a hint with the board search :o

I'm using AutiIt v3 for some days for construction GUIs, and it works fine!

Now I am thinking about writing a script using as a CGI in intranet. Is it possible to process parametes given by POST or GET?

As an example: http://intranet.lan/autoitscript.exe?value1=12&value2=222

How can I read value1 and value2 for processing in my script? In Python it's easy:

import cgi

form = cgi.FieldStorage()

if form.has_key('value1'):

value1 = form["value1"].value

if form.has_key('value2'):

value1 = form["value2"].value

Is there a way in AutoIT?



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