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Sys Tray And Dimension 4 V5.0 Tray Icon?

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Guest fmaglia


I am a newbie to the AutoIt but I am loving this program!

I am trying to script the configuration of the program Dimension 4 v5.0 from http://www.thinkman.com/dimension4/.

The script to install the program was pretty easy but the problem is I need to get to the config window and the only way is to right-click the tray icon once the program is started.

Does AutoIt have anyway of doing this?

Thank you in advance,


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Guest fmaglia

Hello Larry,

That worked like a charm! So the final code (for fellow users hitting their head on this) to bring the window is:


WinSetState(" - Dimension","",@SW_RESTORE)

WinSetOnTop ( "- Dimension", "", 1 )

Thank you,


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