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Focus Problem in GUI

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I'm an absolute beginner with AutoIT but I believe what I'm trying to do should be possible.

I'm trying to create a GUI app which behaves like a multiple clipboard. The app will send one of several text strings (I'm going to try mouse events later) to a window of the user's choosing (selected from a listbox populated by WinList).

Everything works up until I try to send it to the other window. My problem is I cannot get the target window to activate and keep the focus. I believe this may be happening because this is a GUI app.

The function ssend is where I'm trying to send the text string. $a is the full title of the desired window and $b is the string to send.

Func ssend($a,$:o

$handle = wingethandle($a)


$result = winactive($handle)

msgbox(4096,$result,"winactive " & $handle,20)



I tried to control the window by doing a winsetstate($handle,"",@SW_MAXIMIZE) but this maximizes my original app.

This is probably something simple but I can't figure it out.


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msgbox is a focus taker...

winactivate, then winwaitactive, then send


Thank you, this worked perfectly.

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