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Date convert from mdb

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Does anyopne have an idea how to get an MSAccess datum wich is a date-time/; result comes back as "33456.76589" etc as a detailed Julian-type number, and I want it as not only date, but the time component?

I guess I can write a routine to do this, but I wonder if there is an easy command in autoIt, or if I can retrieve it from Access already converted?

thanks, randall

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This should be close ... the date calculation needs some more testing

$Input_date = 33456.76589
$date_part = Int($Input_date)
Global $iYear,$iMonth, $iDay
Global $Base = _DateToDayValue(1900,01,01) - 1.5
_DayValueToDate($date_part+$Base,$iYear,$iMonth, $iDay)
$Date =  $iMonth & "/" & $iDay & "/" & $iYear
ConsoleWrite('@@ Debug(7) : $Date = ' & $Date & @lf & '>Error code: ' & @error & @lf);### Debug Console

$time_part = int(($Input_date - $date_part) * 24 * 60 * 60 *1000)
Global $iHH,$iMM, $iSS
$time =  $iHH & ":" & $iMM & ":" & $iSS
ConsoleWrite('@@ Debug(15) : $time = ' & $time & @lf & '>Error code: ' & @error & @lf);### Debug Console

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That was quick!

Thanks to both; I'll have a look..

Best, Randall


How to Convert Julian Days to Dates in Access and Back

that link only talks about the Date component, which is easy in AutoIt anyway.. Edited by randallc

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